93 – Devoti, England, Devoti built or prepared boats have won 13 Olympic Medals over the last 3 Olympic games.
The Devoti Finn has completely dominated the Finn racing scene since its launch in 1993 winning all major championships. The Devoti Finn was the official hull supplied in the Atlanta Olympics Savannah 1996, and has been raced by the majority of campaigners for the 2000 Olympics.
The current DBF mould, which was first produced in early 2002,


„In 1993 Devoti Finns ended the domination of Vanguard and took over until very recently when again, for the first time in very many years competitive Finns are available from a number of builders.“


Haendler: https://www.hit-masts.nl/


Devoti 2004





Devoti 002



 Fotos: Fifi Ehlers