2012 FINN SILVER CUP – Day 5



Finn Junior World Championship

Cercle de Voile de Bordeaux – Maubuisson – France

29th June to 6th July 2102

Day 5- Thursday 5th of July 2012

Canadian and Russian on equal points for World title!

Tomorrow, the last race of the Finn Silver Cup will decide who will take the Junior World Championship title!

Canadian Martin Robitaille and current World Champion Arkadiy Kistanov (RUS) are on equal points. Robitaille is leading on count back with a third victory today in the breeze. European Junior Champion Michal Jodlowski (POL) is only one point behind, adding more pressure to tomorrow’s final race and battle for the title.

Today finally saw some good breeze increasing to 14 knots on the second race and the raising of the Oscar flag, allowing for free pumping. Anders Pedersen from Norway sailed his best races with a win and a third. Another one to enjoy the breeze was Peter McCoy (GBR) who scored a third and a second place to climb to eighth overall.

The first race started with medium wind and a windward leeward course. Anders Pedersen (NOR) was third at the top mark, behind Russians Arkadiy Kistanov and Andreii Ianitki, but passed them on the following legs. „Today was a better day for me, „explains Pedersen. „All week I have been fast but at the wrong place! The wind was still very shifty and tricky on the downwind today but I managed better! Ianitkii (RUS) placed second and Peter McCoy (GBR) third.

The second race was won by Martin Robitaille (CAN) taking him into the regatta lead on the penultimate race. Second place went to Peter McCoy (GBR) who scored his best results today. „I enjoyed more breeze today, the shifts were more manageable for me. I made my gains downwind on the reaches passing from sixth to second.”

Tomorrow’s only race will be decisive for the title, only one point separate the top three and early leader Lennard Luttkus (GER) is only five points behind in fourth position!


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Overall results after 10 races (1 discard)

1: Martin Robitaille (Canada) 45 points (D©tail courses : 14,O+DS,1,1,3,8,4,2,11,1,)
2: Arkadiy Kistanov (Russie) 45 points (D©tail courses : 4,DSQj,5,10,1,5,1,6,4,9,)
3: Michal Jodlowski (Pologne) 46 points (D©tail courses : 13,8,8,6,8,2,3,1,6,4,)
4: Lennart Luttkus (Allemagne) 50 points (D©tail courses : 2,3,3,3,7,10,6,12,5,11,)
5: Milosz Wojewski (Pologne) 60 points (D©tail courses : 3,6,6,4,16,7,2,8,DNF ,8,)
6: Andrei Ianitchii (Russie) 65 points (D©tail courses : 14,12,2,11,2,4,11,7,2,15,)
7: Viktor Filippov (Russie) 70 points (D©tail courses : 6,2,DNF ,4,4,11,10,5,9,19,)
8: Peter Mc Coy (Grande-Bretagne) 71 points (D©tail courses : 9,4,12,13,12,3,13,15,3,2,)
9: Viacheslav Sivenkov (Russie) 72 points (D©tail courses : 5,9,14,7,5,15,5,10,7,10,)
10: Tomas Hrncal (Republique Tche) 85 points (D©tail courses : 10,11,10,14,6,12,8,13,10,5,)
11: Czm Gozen (Turquie) 89 points (D©tail courses : DSQj,5,7,15,9,1,7,OCS ,13,7,)
12: Thomas Morel (Yacht Club de Cannes) 91 points (D©tail courses : 8,13,18,5,19,9,9,3,14,12,)
13: Anders Pedersen (Norvege) 92 points (D©tail courses : DNF ,7,15,8,15,14,20,9,1,3,)
14: James Hadden (Grande-Bretagne) 107 points (D©tail courses : 1,15,13,16,11,13,15,17,17,6,)
15: Dimitar Vangelov (Bulgarie) 112 points (D©tail courses : 15,1,16,DNF ,10,6,22,16,12,14,)
16: Patrick Deutscher (Republique Tche) 112 points (D©tail courses : 7,10,4,OCS ,17,17,14,11,16,16,)
17: Simon Gorgels (Allemagne) 117 points (D©tail courses : 11,14,11,19,13,16,12,OCS ,8,13,)
18: Tijmen Van Rootselaar (Hollande) 141 points (D©tail courses : 17,20,9,9,18,19,19,14,19,17,)
19: Sergey Akulinichev (Russie) 147 points (D©tail courses : 20,16,21,2,22,18,16,18,15,21,)
20: Fabian Pic (Ste des Regates Rochelaises) 163 points (D©tail courses : 19,19,19,17,14,OCS ,17,20,20,18,)
21: Nikolaus Lehner (Autriche) 166 points (D©tail courses : 21,18,OCS ,20,20,22,23,4,18,20,)
22: Denis Kotlyarov (Russie) 172 points (D©tail courses : 18,DSQj,17,12,21,21,21,19,21,22,)
23: Artur Kotlyarov (Russie) 176 points (D©tail courses : 16,17,20,18,23,20,18,21,23,23,)
24: Alexander Ananyev (Russie) 201 points (D©tail courses : 22,21,22,21,24,23,24,22,22,24,)

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