Bizarre speedboat accident at Lake of the Ozarks (Slow Motion)

„I felt it was important to analyze this in slow motion. It’s one of life’s precious moments where each member has to be observed really slowly.

Seven boaters were injured and five were hospitalized with minor to moderate injuries as a result of a bizarre accident–which was caught on videotape–Friday on Missouri’s Lake of the Ozarks. Viewers should note that the footage shows the extremely violent nature of an accident that occurred when the powerboat Fountain encountered wakes caused by another boat.

As viewers can see, none of the passengers was wearing a life jacket or any kind of protective gear, while clearly traveling at high speed. Both videos are making the rounds on Facebook, where one person astutely commented:

„A reminder as to why it’s best to leave driving a speedboat REALLY fast to professional drivers in safety restraint systems.“
– Yahoo News

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