AC 72 – After pulling card what did Oracle mod on the boat?

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Auf werden die folgenden Gründe für die verbesserte Performance genannt:

the loose cannon sayd:

they changed the wing rake, which then impacted the gap between their ugly ass jibs and the leading element of the wing.  They eliminated the bow sprit, and I suspect a bunch of weight.  They also dialed in the rake control software on the foils.  Look at how oracle seem to be doing the foil adjustments during tacks – Slinger runs to the low side to set up the wing sheet and grab the wheel.  At the initiation of the tack he hits a button  that drops the new board and adjusts the AOA of the foils (old and new) the old foil increases its AOA at the same time that it is accelerating during the rotation of the tack which lifts the new windward hull.  This was the big difference that NZ was doing right while OR were stuck in the water during the tacks.

Fast forward a couple days and they also dialed in the correct angles for a push of the button setting for the start reach, and the windward mark roundings and gybes aka downwind tacks.

In contrast to how OR does this board control via the change in direction buttons and the on the wheel ‚ride height adjustments‘ on the wheel – ETNZ have their foreward most hand manually adjusting the boards and monitoring a control panel at the front of the cockpit.  One hand down on the grinding, but they make up for it with a self tacking jib.  Notice too that DB’s wheel doesn’t have any ‚ride height‘ or AOA adjustments on it.

That’s what I spied with my little eye – anybody pick up on something more?

Wild honey said:

They raked the wing slightly, and by this and other means got the weight aft as far as possible, which meant less hull-dragging and burying through tacks and better acceleration out of tacks. Then they analysed video footage of ENZ tacking and gybing, copied the New Zealanders techniques, and learned how to sail their boat better. They probably made some small adjustments to the foil angles too.
They now have a boat which out-accelerates ENZ, foils earlier and higher, is able to sail deeper downwind, and has better VMG upwind and down. On the other hand, ENZ came into this regatta with a fully optimised boat and crewing techniques. All of which which disguised the, now manifest fact, that they had a slower boat.


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