“It’s a very special feeling to arrive here and complete this Mini Transat. It was a long leg, a long voyage. I made a lot of mistakes. The weather was pretty complicated and I didn’t sail the perfect race on a strategic level. I headed west when I should have favoured the south. That was a low punch. It wasn’t easy to see yourself tumbling down the rankings at the position report during the second week of racing, having regularly been in the Top 5 in the first week. I tried to reposition my trajectory, but it was impossible to get back to the top of the score board. No matter though, I’ve just this minute learnt that I’ve finished 3rd overall. That’s really fantastic news and I’m very happy. It was mentally tough as I didn’t think I’d manage to salvage a podium place. I imagined I would finish 7th, 8th or 9th when I crossed the finish line. I’ve learnt a lot during this transatlantic passage and also over the past two years of this campaign. I think I’m better armed for what comes next now.”

Mit einem versöhnlichen Ergebnis beendete Melwin das Mini Transat 2021.  Wenn wir Melwins Platzierung vor der Sturmunterbrechung – 17. – und Platz 22 in der 2. Etappe zusammenzählen, dann kann er mit dem Ergebnis tatsächlich sehr zufrieden sein.

Insgesamt fehlte den deutschen Seglern in Etappe 2 etwas Mumm, um mit einem südlicheren Kurs erfolgreicher zu sein.

Ausführlicher Bericht von Tatjana Pokorny