Silverrudder 2020 – Start Freitag 18.Sept. ab 10:00 – über 400 Teilnehmer

Approximately 180 boats have given up. Many are helping by towing each other back into harbour.
The remainder are still enjoying the tremendous September weather, but only barely moving. Don’t give up hope on them though. I can see that they are still racing. In fact boats in all categories are still going for it. Many of these boats have been within meters of each other for upto 29 hours.
– The leading multihull is Jan Andersen in Black Marlin locates between Lyø and Avernakø… speed 1,7 knots.
– The leading keelboat is Per Svanberg in Fareast 31R Kuai located at Helnæs doing just around 1 knot.

Sa. 19.09.20   01.00

Die ersten Boot haben ca. die Hälfte des Rennens geschafft.
Spannend ist das Kampf der Dehler 30od   Das Offshore Team Germany – Morten Bogacki – liegt aktuell mit der Humbold vor Olli Schmidt Rybandt auf der PowerPlay.

Bei den Einrumpfbooten führt derzeit eine Fareeast 31 R  – oben im Video



Starts SILVERRUDDER 2020. Friday 18 September.
10.00              Keelboats Mini
10.30              Keelboats Small
11.00              Keelboats Medium
11.30              Keelboats Large
12.00              Keelboats Extra Large
12.30              Multihull Small
13.00              Multihull Large

Saturday 19 September.
02.30              Expected time of arrival of first boat
08.00 – 23.00  Update and race analyses from Challenge-Studio on the harbour in Svendborg
08.00              Live Streaming from SILVERUDDER


429 Meldungen – u.a. Melwin Fink und Lennartd Burke (Pogo3)

Update: Lennart Burke – Keelboat Mini u. Uwe Barthel – Keelboat Small – DNC

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