The Last Miles | Volvo Ocean Race 2014-15

Dongfeng gewinnt die dritte Etappe:

In order of finish: Finish date Finish Time (UTC)
Elapsed Time
Dongfeng Race Team 26/01/15 – 23:31:38 – 23d 13h 31m 38s
Abu Dhabi Ocean Racing 27/01/15 – 02:50:30 –   23d 16h 50m 30s
Team Alvimedica 27/01/15   – 03:51:15   – 23d 17h 51m 15s
MAPFRE 27/01/15 – 04:23:20   – 23d 18h 23m 20s
Team Brunel 27/01/15 – 04:25:10 – 23d 18h 25m 10s
Team SCA 27/01/15 – 12:41:45 – 24d 02h 41m 45s
Team Vestas Wind Did not finish

„Leg 3 to Sanya. Day 23. We’re in the final hours of Leg 3 and the intensity onboard is on the rise. At this stage, the boats need every bit of breeze they can get“

Volvo Ocean race

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