Das neue Jibetech-Vanguard-FINN

The new model is a simple club Finn, built to a 25 year old design with a new forward air tank bulkhead and modernized layup.

The price has been kept low relative to other Finns by two means.

The hull, deck and centerboard cap are laid up in the old Vanguard #5 molds which were superbly made and are in beautiful condition.   These molds were obtained from Vanguard by the US Finn Foundation and have been leased to Jibe Tech for a token fee so there are no mold costs to amortize.

The new forward air tank bulkhead incorporates the mast step and is laid up in a Jibe Tech built mold.   This is first bonded to the deck to ensure a watertight seal.     The one piece deck is then bonded to the hull which is still in its mold. This makes the Finn simpler and less expensive in time to build.

The mold for the carbon rudder was built by Jibe Tech.

The standard package includes:

  • Rudder, centerboard, all lines and measurement certificate.
  • Carbon rudder with a finished leading edge. Corrector weights are mounted over the center of balance for a more sensitive feel to the helm.
  • The deck layup can be custom modified to the helmsman’s size.   The buyer has their choice of deck color.   The deck comes with the trademark Jibe Tech white rail unless ordered without.
  • The outhaul, inhaul, cunningham and vang controls are mounted on the side tanks forward of the traveler.
  • The centerboard halyard cleat is mounted on the deck outboard of the traveler recess and has a rail mounted block to lead the halyard bitter end inboard.
  • The traveler has a double curve and is of maximum length.
  • Harken blocks, fittings and hiking pads.
  • The centerboard pin hole is a one inch slot.
  • Hiking strap eyes are bolted to taped holes in aluminum backup plates   fabricated in the layup.   Center hiking strap dead ended at mainsheet floor block.
  • The double ended centerboard return shock cord passes twice the lenght of the centerboard trunk.   This longer shock cord arrangement gives more tension on the board in the lowered position.
  • Not included are compass, covers and beach dolly which can be ordered separately along with mast, boom, sails and road trailer.
  • Custom modifications are possible for the cost of labor and materials.

Contact Andy Pimental for prices at 401 683 0484 or email apimental@aol.com

We can sell group orders of 3 we can send them over for about 8700 each.

Now is a good time to order and receive a new Jibe Tech FINN. Fall is a slack time in the boat building at Jibe Tech.   Orders received after December will be difficult to fill due to the spring work load.

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