Finn Gybing with plenty of breeze on! 30 knot gusts!

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Practise makes perfect

Das Video ist bereits 4 Jahre alt und zeigt eine Gybe-Technik. wie sie vor ca. 50 Jahren üblich war.

Jock Calvert ist allerdings ein ambitionierter Finn-Segler, der bsw im Dezember 2019 am Gold Cup teilnahm.

Auf seiner Facebook-Seite bedankt er sich bei dem mehrmaligen Weltmeister Rafa Trujillo:
Ob er diese Gybe-Technik auch beim  2019er Gold Cup anwandte, wissen wir leider nicht.

Completed a great 3 week training block here in Melbourne with the Finn. Was definitely a grind at times, but lots of lessons learnt. Worked on a lot of race-craft based stuff, and had to take my medicine at times, but its all coming together and I’m looking forward to the World Championships starting on the 16th.
Massive thank you toRafa Trujillo, he’s been whipping me into shape for 2 years now and I couldn’t be where I am without him and his guidance.
I have a few days off back at home, and will take the chance to refresh and reset ready for the final push into the event. I’ll be doing my usual mid-regatta posts over the event, so stay tuned for those. Cheers!

Finn Gold Cup 2019

40th Overall – extremely challenging week.

On one hand, I had the absolute joy of having my beautiful mum come and watch me do what I love at the biggest regatta of my career. I got to hang out with my mates, who are the best group of guys anyone could ask for, and also had my gorgeous partner backing me up. So I was in my absolute element, and loved the week as well as the weeks leading in.
The event itself, on the other hand, was a complete disaster. Couldn’t start, couldn’t figure out the conditions and couldn’t hold lanes when it really mattered. I lost confidence in myself, and it just went from bad to worse. It was pretty crushing to spend the week in the back group, when I know that at my best I could be significantly higher. But this is yacht racing, it didnt go my way but I didnt give up, kept trying all the way and will hold my head high with that.
It was a really tough pill to swallow after the last 4 years spent in this class. To have sold my boat and not being sure I can compete in Palma, this is likely my last event in this class. Absolutely not the way I wanted to go out, I feel really disappointed. Saturday was really emotional as I packed up the boat for the last time and loaded it into the container. Its hard to come to the realisation that all of my life-long dreams to be an Olympian may never come true. Shed a few tears and hugged it out with Rafa, Jake, Klara and Em.
A very different journey starts now, going back to full time study and moving across the world to do it. Trying out some different kinds of sailing, seeing what my options are to maybe keep the dream alive.
Thanks to everyone who has followed along, liked and left comments and read all of the garbage I’ve posted up here over the last 8 years – I appreciate it so much.

3 days into the Finn Gold Cup! Bloody tough work, been a big challenge so far. My results have been 41, 38, 25 and 44, which puts my 37th. Couple of speed issues holding me back, struggling to stay in the front row. Not even half way so we’ll push on tomorrow.

Sail Melbourne

hat ein Video in der Playlist 2019 Finn Gold Cup gepostet.

Burgers & Beers to build up the strength for 3 races tomorrow, after racing was cancelled today at the

Finn ClassGold Cup after a long hot wait and no wind. Find out more from
Jock Calvert Finn Sailing!
Jock is currently ranked 37th & is looking forward to more racing from tomorrow!
So are we & hoping for wind & three races tomorrow!
Enjoy theRoyal Brighton Yacht Clubhospitality until then!

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