First Flight For ‚BoatOne‘ | April 19th | America’s Cup

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For the Swiss, this was the crescendo, defining moment of the campaign to date. After the razzmatazz of the reveal, the coming-together at the boat launch on Tuesday and the first tow testing and sail fitting on Wednesday, Friday 19th was the designated day to go flying – and what a moment. Arnaud Psarofaghis described it beautifully saying: “We had a few system checks before we actually could do the proper sailing for the first time we say ‘Okay let’s try and see if we can build speed’ – it came actually pretty quick, and we just saw the boat speed coming up and we say with Bryan (Mettraux) just give it a go and sheet on and the boat came out, so it was really impressive and I think we can learn even more to make it happen earlier, but today was a fantastic day… the first feeling was above expectation to be honest and we’re looking forward to the next sailing days.”


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