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Finn – Rule 42 Common Breaches paper has been revised – 2015

  • 24. März 201530. Mai 2020
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Der Grossbaum darf beim Eintauchen ins Wasser nicht mehr zum Rudern eingesetzt werden. (under Oscar Flag)
While sailing under Oscar flag and making a permitted roll, a sailor heels the boat to leeward farenough to place the boom and clew deep in the water. The sailor then aggressively pulls the sail inagainst the restriction from the water to cause the boat to accelerate. This action is rowing andbreaks basic rule 42.1. In order to penalize, be sure to connect the acceleration of the boat with therowing action of the boom and sail pulled through the water. Agree with your fellow judge that suchaction clearly propels the boat. The likelihood of the breach is greatest in marginal Oscarconditions. The more the wind, waves and boat speed increase, the less likely the rowing actionwill clearly propel the boat. Do not penalize if you cannot distinguish theeffect caused by „rowing”from the acceleration caused by the permitted pumping and rockin


[gview file=“https://www.regatta-forum.de/wp-content/uploads/2015/03/Rule-42_Finn_2015.pdf

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