The Ocean Race 2023 – Leg 2 – Day 18 – Guyot is catching up

10:00 – Ocean Race

Guyot holt auf


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With the crews covering more than 500 miles-a-day during their long journey around the St Helena High, it has been a spectacular if uncomfortable ride for them, as they carve great white super-highways through some of the most remote waters on earth.

The sensation of the raw power generated by the IMOCA foiling flyers has perhaps been no better illustrated than by a sequence of video from Paul Meilhat’s Biotherm, with OBR Anna Beaugé’s camera on deck capturing the forward speed of the boat and the river of white water powering off the stern.

On that boat, from the inside, we can feel and hear the water cascading over the coach roof, as the new Guillaume Verdier design forces her way through and over wave trains, with her foils, keels and rudder humming. The video includes shots of Anthony Marchand climbing the starboard outrigger – they bring home the vulnerability of a sailor on deck in a vast wilderness of ocean – and then concludes with images of an albatross wheeling over the golden waves at sunset.


Rosie klagt:  „Not really our conditions.“  Bei Leichtwind generieren die halbkreisartig gebogenen Foils der Malizia zu wenig Lift.  Die schwere Malizia kommt in dem Fall nicht auf die Foils.



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