🔴 LIVE arrivée du podium en IMOCA de The Transat CIC à New York 🗽


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Geplant für: 07.05.2024

🏆 Suivez en direct l’arrivée des premiers IMOCA de The Transat CIC 2024 dans la baie de New York et au ponton !

📲 Plus d’informations : https://www.thetransat.com/

ℹ️ History : The event was born in 1960 when a handful of a handful of sailors led by Sir Francis Chichester and Blondie Hasler set themselves the challenge a race based on a simple but revolutionary concept. The world’s oldest single-handed ocean in the world for nearly 60 years, The Transat has written an extraordinary story: the springboard for Éric Tabarly, the arrival of ocean-going multihulls, the invention of routing… The race is at the origin of ocean sailing as we know it today. More than ever, The Transat CIC is a fixture in the pantheon of ocean racing as one of the of the 4 major ocean races.

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