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2012 Finn Silver Cup – Day 6

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Lennart Luttkus




Finn Junior World Championship

Cercle de Voile de Bordeaux – Maubuisson – France

29th June to 6th July 2102

Day 6- Friday 6th of July 2012

Martin Robitaille (CAN) Finn Junior World Champion

By winning the last race of the Finn Silver Cup, Martin Robitaille didn’t leave any doubt that he truly deserves the Finn Junior World title. Despite a difficult start with an OCS, a penalty from the jury and one from the measurer, the Canadian was able to bounce back, winning four races and the title. Competition was tough with strong opponents like the current European Champion Michal Jodlowski (POL) second overall, 2011 Junior World Champion Arkadiy Kistanov who takes the bronze, or early leader Lennart Luttkus (GER) in fourth overall.

The title was up for grabs until the last race. Robitaille, Jodlowski and Kistanov played cat and mouse at the front, with each of them taking the lead at times, but the Canadian came back on the last run taking the race and the title.

„It was a tight event and I am happy that I was able to stay focussed. Results were up and down for most sailors, but I gained confidence and sailed well.” said Martin Robitaille.

This is the first Finn title for the Canadian who has already his mind set on the future. „I would like to reach the top 16 in the rankings within two years and qualify for the next Olympic Games in Rio!”

A lot of the Junior Finn sailors are sharing the same objective for the 2016 Olympic Games and given the standard seen this week, many among them will be there to represent their country. Until then the road will be paved with more Finn challenges.


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1: Martin Robitaille (Canada) 46 points (D©tail courses : 14,O+DS,1,1,3,8,4,2,11,1,1,)
2: Michal Jodlowski (Pologne) 53 points (D©tail courses : 13,8,8,6,8,2,3,1,6,4,7,)
3: Arkadiy Kistanov (Russie) 58 points (D©tail courses : 4,DSQj,5,10,1,5,1,6,4,9,13,)
4: Lennart Luttkus (Allemagne) 61 points (D©tail courses : 2,3,3,3,7,10,6,12,5,11,11,)
5: Andrei Ianitchii (Russie) 73 points (D©tail courses : 14,12,2,11,2,4,11,7,2,15,8,)
6: Viktor Filippov (Russie) 73 points (D©tail courses : 6,2,DNF ,4,4,11,10,5,9,19,3,)
7: Peter Mc Coy (Grande-Bretagne) 75 points (D©tail courses : 9,4,12,13,12,3,13,15,3,2,4,)
8: Milosz Wojewski (Pologne) 76 points (D©tail courses : 3,6,6,4,16,7,2,8,DNF ,8,16,)
9: Viacheslav Sivenkov (Russie) 87 points (D©tail courses : 5,9,14,7,5,15,5,10,7,10,15,)
10: Thomas Morel (Yacht Club de Cannes) 93 points (D©tail courses : 8,13,18,5,19,9,9,3,14,12,2,)
11: Anders Pedersen (Norvege) 97 points (D©tail courses : DNF ,7,15,8,15,14,20,9,1,3,5,)
12: Tomas Hrncal (Republique Tche) 97 points (D©tail courses : 10,11,10,14,6,12,8,13,10,5,12,)
13: Czm Gozen (Turquie) 109 points (D©tail courses : DSQj,5,7,15,9,1,7,OCS ,13,7,20,)
14: James Hadden (Grande-Bretagne) 113 points (D©tail courses : 1,15,13,16,11,13,15,17,17,6,6,)
15: Dimitar Vangelov (Bulgarie) 121 points (D©tail courses : 15,1,16,DNF ,10,6,22,16,12,14,9,)
16: Patrick Deutscher (Republique Tche) 122 points (D©tail courses : 7,10,4,OCS ,17,17,14,11,16,16,10,)
17: Simon Gorgels (Allemagne) 131 points (D©tail courses : 11,14,11,19,13,16,12,OCS ,8,13,14,)
18: Tijmen Van Rootselaar (Hollande) 160 points (D©tail courses : 17,20,9,9,18,19,19,14,19,17,19,)
19: Sergey Akulinichev (Russie) 165 points (D©tail courses : 20,16,21,2,22,18,16,18,15,21,18,)
20: Fabian Pic (Ste des Regates Rochelaises) 180 points (D©tail courses : 19,19,19,17,14,OCS ,17,20,20,18,17,)
21: Nikolaus Lehner (Autriche) 187 points (D©tail courses : 21,18,OCS ,20,20,22,23,4,18,20,21,)
22: Denis Kotlyarov (Russie) 194 points (D©tail courses : 18,DSQj,17,12,21,21,21,19,21,22,22,)
23: Artur Kotlyarov (Russie) 199 points (D©tail courses : 16,17,20,18,23,20,18,21,23,23,23,)
24: Alexander Ananyev (Russie) 225 points (D©tail courses : 22,21,22,21,24,23,24,22,22,24,24,)

This press release was sent to you by the International Finn Association ( https://www.finnclass.org/ ).

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