PATA C-Flex – a novelty from Pata Marine in 2013 !

What is C-Flex?
The Finn is an owerpowered system. Therefore a good Finn must have a certain structural flexibility to absorb the extra shocks of the waves and the wind. So as Finn sailors we need a kind of flexibility in the bow but also on the front deck to remain fast on choppy waters or in gusty winds.
But the bow must also be sealed and watertight as in case of a capsize that helps the sailor to make the boat stand up and continoue racing.
If the bulkheads are attached to the deck in a standard bonding the system may be too stiff.
So here is the solution by the Pata C-Flex where the bulkheads are bonded to the deck with a C-from glassfibre element that keeps the front deck flexible but safe in the same time!

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