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Das neue Jibetech-Vanguard-FINN

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The new model is a simple club Finn, built to a 25 year old design with a new forward air tank bulkhead and modernized layup.

The price has been kept low relative to other Finns by two means.

The hull, deck and centerboard cap are laid up in the old Vanguard #5 molds which were superbly made and are in beautiful condition.   These molds were obtained from Vanguard by the US Finn Foundation and have been leased to Jibe Tech for a token fee so there are no mold costs to amortize.

The new forward air tank bulkhead incorporates the mast step and is laid up in a Jibe Tech built mold.   This is first bonded to the deck to ensure a watertight seal.     The one piece deck is then bonded to the hull which is still in its mold.Weiterlesen »Das neue Jibetech-Vanguard-FINN