Hoegh-Christensen’s Geheimnis – Olympia 2012

Photos by Francois Richard

In Weymoth wird gemunkelt, dass Jonas einen im Topbereich besonders weichen Mast verwendet, der es ihm ermöglicht Ainslie nach Belieben zu überholen. „Das ist ein dänisches Geheimnis!“   „Wir haben vor einem Jahr mit der technischen Entwicklung angefangen, vielleicht fünf, sechs Masten durchgetestet. Bei Ben sind es wahrscheinlich schon 50. Wir haben nicht das Budget. Aber ja, ich habe einen guten Mast!“



is sailing really well. He is a good sailor and a big guy. He is having the regatta of his life. He likes upwind and for whatever reason he is nailing it every time. If I keep pushing hard he might slip up. It’s a difficult place to sail here, but he keeps nailing it. He is sailing well and at some point the tables have to turn. He’s on fire.”
The Finns now have a rest day – and a day to think about how they will approach the final four opening series races on Thursday and Friday. While one man will be trying to relax and keep his head clear, another will be evaluating what has gone so wrong. Ainslie may be in the silver medal position but he has openly admitted anything but gold would be a disaster. And after six races he sits ten points behind the Dane with a little bomb on his scorecard waiting to be ignited if he has another bad day.
H¸gh-Christensen is producing the type of performance that everyone expected Ainslie to produce. Some great race wins, all round speed dominance and some incredible comebacks.
What does Ainslie now have to do to turn this around? And does he know the answer himself? How do you respond to someone sailing the way H¸gh-Christensen has done? This is an unsual situation for Ainslie as normally it is the rest of the fleet working out how to respond to Ainslie’s dominance. It will be fascinating to watch it play out.

After the rest day for the Finns on Wednesday, races seven and eight are scheduled for 12.00 Thursday, on Weymouth Bay South course.

Photos by Francois Richard

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