Mini Transat – no start at the 2nd leg for Lina and Whomper

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Unfortunately, there will be no start at the 2nd leg for Lina and Whomper.
The last days have been quiet – checking the boat, preparing the navigation and installing the reinforced rudder system, which got damaged on the first leg. Yesterday, just 24 h before the start of the big transatlantic crossing, we found on the final inspection that the bulb (counter weight to prevent the boat to tip over) was moving on the keel.
On land, we did further inspections. We were able to identify the cause of the problem, but after an overnight reparation, we sadly found out this morning, that we couldn’t fix the bulb 100 %. Good enough for a daily trip, but not to withstand a 3.000 nm race with no possibility to stop.
Of course we are super sad to announce such bad and disappointing news and it will take some time to digest what happened, but even without making it to the starting line of the 2nd leg, we would like to thank all of you for your great support, especially my great sponsors:

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