The Ocean Race 2023 -Leg 3 – Day 10 – Malizia meldet die nächste Panne

Day 6 – Leg 3 – Another Day Another Solution 💡
🛠️ We had an issue with the generator that charges the batteries of the boat: sometimes, when there is not enough sun or when we go too fast we cannot use the hydro generators or solar, we then have to use the generator to charge all the boat’s electronics.
We had issues with the bracket on the generator being misaligned which meant we were damaging the belt of the generator since the beginning and have been changing it a few times now, but we can not keep changing the belt as we don’t have so many spare, so we have to fix the issue that causes the belt to break. We have been trying to re design the bracket, re mount it and find out why the belt kept breaking, which is not an easy task to do as it takes very precise movements and when the boat keeps bouncing makes it extremely difficult.
It took us nearly 20 hours but I think we’ve found the solution and sorted this issue 🤞🏻 it’s time to sleep now for a bit!
📷 Antoine Auriol I Team Malizia
Kommentar: Weil die Generatorhalterung falsch ausgerichtet war und der Transformationsriemen ständig ausgewechselt werden musste, wurde das Problem mittels einer Tauwerkslaschung zumindest vorübergehend behoben.  Nach 20-stündiger Arbeit war man froh, wieder etwas Schlaf nachholen zu können.

11:00 Ocean Race

Malizia hat sich um einen Platz verbessern können !

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