The Ocean Race 2023


13 Sept 2022,

Media presentation with The Ocean Race IMOCA skippers skippers

Benjamin Dutreux – GUYOT environnement Team Europe,

Boris Herrmann – Team Malizia,

Charlie Enright – 11th Hour Racing Team,

Paul Meilhat – Biotherm and

Kevin Escoffier – Holcim-PRB,

at Team Malizia base in Lorient Photo: Alexander Champy-McLean / The Ocean Race
© © Alexander Champy-McLean / The Ocean Race


137.000 Abonnente

The Ocean Race 2022-23 will visit nine iconic international cities over a six-month period, with leg one starting from Alicante, Spain, on 15 January 2023.

The start of the 14th edition of The Ocean Race, early in the new year, will follow the Reyes holiday period in Spain, and see the two racing fleets (the foiling IMOCAs and one-design VO65s) depart on a 32,000 nautical mile (60,000 km) race around the world in separate divisions.

The Ocean Race 2022-23 – Race Schedule 📆

To be confirmed – Prologue Race(s): September to December 2022

Alicante, Spain – Leg 1 start: 15 January 2023

Cabo Verde – ETA: 22 January; Leg 2 start: 25 January

Cape Town, South Africa – ETA: 9 February; Leg 3 start: 26/27 February (TBC)

Itajaí, Brazil – ETA: 1 April; Leg 4 start: 23 April

Newport, RI, USA – ETA: 10 May; Leg 5 start: 21 May

Aarhus, Denmark – ETA: 30 May; Leg 6 start: 8 June

Kiel, Germany (Fly-By) – 9 June

The Hague, The Netherlands – ETA: 11 June; Leg 7 start: 15 June

Genova, Italy – The Grand Finale – ETA: 25 June, 2023; Final In-Port Race: 1 July, 2023

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