Finn Masters: Neuer Melderekord – 300 Meldungen

Mit aktuell 300 Meldungen wurde bereits ein neuer Rekord aufgestellt und nun   auch noch die 300er Marke geknackt.

Welche Voraussetzungen müssen die deutschen Teilnehmer erfüllen.

WelchePapiere müssen deutsche Teilnehmer eigentlich mitnehmen ?

The regatta is open to boats of the Finn Class with helmsman born in 1973 or before.

Fully completed entry forms should be received no later than May 3 rd , 2013

Late entries (after May 3rd , 2013 ) will be accepted under the condition that they will be charged   the normal entry fee + 50% penalty.
7.1 Each boat shall produce a valid measurement certificate. In addition the following measurements will be taken:
7.1.1 Two sails and two masts per boat shall be stamped or identified.
7.1.2 20 randomly selected boats will be undergoing an extensive measurement during the measurement days.
7.1.3 Safety equipment may undergo random checks according the Finn Class Rules (including item 10 of Part C „Major Championship Rules“), unless otherwise decided by the Chief Measurer.
7.1.4 Boats shall have a current IFA sticker affixed to the hull.
7.2 Each boat shall have a floating tow rope with a minimum length of eight (8) meters and of sufficient strength to tow several boats.
7.3 Boats may be re measured at any time during the Masters 2013

Int. Bootsschein des DSV als Eigentumsnachweis

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