UK Finn Festival in Falmouth – 4. – 18. May 2012




Graham Brookes teilt uns u.a. fogendes mit:

2012 is a big year for the British Finn Association with the Gold Cup, World Masters and of course Olympics.

… plans for the Finn Festival which will take place in Falmouth and will incorporate both the UK Nationals and the Gold Cup, running from 4-18th of May.

The UK Finn Nationals will Take place from 4-8th and for will be open to international competitors followed after a two day lay off by the Gold Cup on the 11-18th for those that have qualified.

The Classic Finns are planning to have our own Nationals within the ‚main‘ Nationals but we will be sailing just one race a day in order to preserve both our more mature boats and bodies, we would like to invite your members to join us for this memorable regatta and hope that you will be able to persuade some of you to come along.



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