Finn-Vermessung 2009

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 Aus gegebenem Anlass weise ich an dieser Stelle auf die neuen Vermessungsvorschriften hin:
Condition for weighing
 (1) If the Centreboard Pin, Mast Step and Deck bearing are movable, they  shall be in their maximum aft positions.
The weight shall be taken
 (2) including  
   centreboard, hiking pads, compass mountings and magnetic
   compasses having no electronics, other fittings, securely fastened

containers, and normal ropes,


(3) excluding timer, electronic compass, rudder assembly, mainsheet and


Es wird also nur die Halterung des Tacktik-Kompasses mitgewogen. Schwert, Mastfuss und Decksring sollen sich in hinterster Position befinden.