iQ Foil – die neue Olympische Klasse

Vanora ENGADINWIND by Dakine 2020 | Best Of iQ FOiL European Championships

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The iQ FOiL European Championships is the first international event in the new Olympic windsurfing class and the first ever European Championships. The event was held from August 21st to 26th and celebrated the attractive world-class foil sport. The windsurfing boards floating over the water are the trend of the last few years and will be part of the Olympic program for the first time in 2024. Winds up to 25 knots provided challenging but good conditions over the last few days. Today at the last day, the medal races with a new format took place. The conditions were super hard, since the wind dropped, and it was very low at the end. From the quarter finals – top 12 men, the best 8 moved on to the semis and the final race took place with the four best windsurfers. The same race format counted for the women’s competition. Kiran Badloe (NED), Nicolas Goyard (FRA), Sebastian Koerdel (GER) and Tom Arnoux (FRA) were the four finalists at the first ever iQ Foil European Championships. It was a super exciting race and the Dutch windsurfer Kiran Badloe won the gold medal in the end, Sebastian Koerdel from Germany won Silver and Bronze went to Nicolas Goyard from France. Hélene Noesmoen (FRA), Lilian de Geus (NED), Daniela Peleg (ISR), Isla Watson (GBR) were the top four women for the final race. The dominating windsurfing was Hélene Noesmoen from France won the gold medal rightfully. Silver was won by Isla Watson (GBR) and Bronze went to Lilian de Geus (NED).
Results iQ FOiL European Championships Podium Women:
1. Hélene Noesmoen (FRA)
2. Isla Watson (GBR)
3. Lilian de Geus (NED)
Podium Men:
1. Kiran Badloe (NED)
2. Sebastian Koerdel (GER)
3. Nicolas Goyard (FRA)

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